Barbara, Milwaukee

I have worked as an ecologist and wildlife biologist and understand the ecological effects of removing the dam. It is the right thing to do. I am disgusted that so much time has been wasted discussing this issue when the choice is clear. The dam should be removed to help restore the river to more of a natural state. We have seen the benefits downstream where the North Avenue Dam was removed. Let's end the discussion and move on to other projects that can help improve the water quality and wildlife habitat along the river.

Anne, Milwaukee

I live near the Milwaukee River on the east side and have happily watched water quality improve since the North Ave. dam was removed. I've seen how a more natural river flow has cleaned up the water and enabled fish and other wildlife to return. We are fortunate in Milwaukee to have three rivers going through our city. We should do our best to restore them to a natural clean state - so people enjoy fishing, swimming, paddling and so cleaner water is moving into Lake Michigan.